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Q: What is Profit Coaching?

With a focus on entrepreneurs, we work one-on-one or in small groups with our clients to navigate, understand and be intentional about the profits in their businesses and paying themselves.

Sometimes, the unpredictability of income, the ups and downs of business, and the fear that comes with paying ourselves - this can all get in the way of our best intentions and plans and starts to have an impact on our personal financial situation. 

We often focus on the business side first, getting your numbers aligned to make sure they can contribute to your household, and then we start to navigate the personal finance side with a focus on goals, savings, retirement plans and living their life without feeling financially overwhelmed. 


As an Business Finance Expert, I specialize in helping business owners like you pay themselves, organize their books, and plan for financial growth. I understand that managing finances can be overwhelming, and that's why I'm here to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Q: Why would I need Profit Coaching?

You are ready to get a handle on your money



You are ready to take the action steps necessary to create financial freedom in your business or life

You are ready to start paying yourself



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Gain confidence in your financial skills and create systems and structure around finance that has helped them excel in their businesses forward in a way they never had before.


Monthly CFO Working

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Financially Focused Journal

1:1 monthly coaching


We work one-on-one with our clients to navigate, understand and be intentional about the profits in their businesses and paying themselves.

Blending mindset work and logistical financial trainings and skills to help them get to a point where our clients ''get it''.

----------- Testimonials ------------

Happy Clients

Mandy is a great money mindset coach. She knows, from her own experience, how important it is to have a healthy relationship with money. She also finds the best ways to work with her clients to fit their individual needs and schedule. Mandy empowers her clients to be willing to face their challenges with positively relating to money depending on their situation, and she motivates them to change their behavior for the better. I decided to work with Mandy on a bit of a whim and as a way to better strengthen my business structure as an entrepreneur. I’m thrilled with the tips and tricks I’ve received as well as how they’ve allowed me to approach finances long-term.

~ Sara V (Product Based Business)

"I would highly recommend working with Mandy to help with money mindset. She helped me understand my money blocks and gave me the specific tools to overcome them. Her approach is very relatable and I never felt judged or uncomfortable. Having the community's support and knowing that I wasn't alone was also super helpful. I know that the work I've done with Mandy will shape my goals in the years to come and I know that she has helped to change the trajectory of my business."




~ E Williams (Service Based Business)

"They say money talks, but I never knew how to talk about money, until I met Mandy. It all starts with the conversation we have with ourselves. My story was harsh, the way I listened to myself was harsh. Working with Mandy made me change my narrative so I could start rebuilding my relationship with money. Then she helped me start to understand my finances, set real financial goals, and take action to achieving those goals. She takes the guilt out of the conversation around money."




~ Kerri (Service Based Business)

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