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Life and business can be complicated. Managing your finances doesn’t have to be...

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Be an entrepreneur they say.

It will be fun they say.

It will be hard and overwhelming and exciting and scary all at the same time… they don’t say that!

Being an entrepreneur is such an amazing roller coaster of a ride so buckle up buttercup!


All entrepreneurs start for one of two reasons usually.

  1. They see a need that is not being met and they can meet it.

  2. They desire freedom- financial and time!


What is financial freedom?

The ability to not stress about money. The ability to have money to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Having enough in savings. Living the lifestyle you want because money is not something that is holding you back.


Now the path I tend to see entrepreneurs go down does not lead to financial freedom as quickly as they may have thought it was going to happen. It often looks much more like burning the candle at both ends to feel like you are just making ends meet. Or maybe, you are making enough money, but it requires hours upon endless hours of work and time away from family and friends.


As an entrepreneur's finance coach, I focus on two things.

Getting your business finances in order so you can create financial freedom and getting your personal finances in order so you can enjoy financial freedom.

When you are an entrepreneur, finance looks a little different in our world. We must not only create the income every single day, but we must create enough to support our business and us personally. This all starts with understanding your business finances and then creating financial goals for your business and life. But the work continues… because once you understand the finances and you have the goals, you have to be very intentional every dang day to ensure you are staying on the right path.


As an entrepreneur for pretty much my entire adult life, I have juggled the financial aspects of both business and home life for many years. I have supported many entrepreneurs in seeing finance in a way that finally ‘clicks’ for them and enables them to take steps towards truly creating financial freedom.

Whether you need support as a new entrepreneur or you have been in the game for a while and feel like the wheels are spinning but you aren’t getting anywhere, I am here to support you on your journey.

I offer group courses in both live training and options for you to go at your own pace (coming soon) as well as one-on-one coaching options. I also have many tools that you can download, some for free and some for a small investment, all here on my website. Take a few minutes, explore, check out the tools I have made available to you, and please reach out to me if you have any questions at all!

Mandy McGowan


Well hello there.

I see I have piqued your interest enough to make you say who the heck is that Mandy lady…

I have been an entrepreneur for just about as long as I have been an adult. I spent much of my time working in the accounting and tax industry and gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that have helped me truly manage the financial aspects of business and life.

I get entrepreneur finance because I am an entrepreneur.

I understand that a bad month in business usually means a bad month in personal finance also.

Our income fluctuates, it is never guaranteed, and we hustle every damn day to earn our money.

Which makes any sort of financial goal a little more difficult.

I have been an entrepreneur with a wildly successful business but I was broke.

I have been an entrepreneur who didn’t know how I was going to feed my kids at the end of the day, standing in line at the grocery store, praying the electric bill hadn’t cleared yet so I could buy groceries… because feeding my kids was more important than having lights on at night.

I am an entrepreneur who knows the importance of budgeting and planning and saving and doing it all in a way that doesn’t make me want to run and hide or make me feel like I CAN’T do the things I want to.

I geek out with spreadsheets and finance and numbers and money. I love sharing my geekiness in a way that allows you to ‘get it’ and how it will work for you.

It isn’t one size fits all when you are an entrepreneur, so helping you find the way that works for you is my goal.

So now that you know more about me, reach out and say hi!

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Oh, the ways we can support you

Live Courses and Training

We have various live trainings that are conducted online. Some are short hour long trainings while others may span several months. Click the image above to go directly to our current offerings to see what we are getting ready to launch. 

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Self-Paced Training

We are working behind the scenes to get some of our self-paced courses ready. Check back soon to see what we have created. 

Financial Coaching

Finances start in our businesses when we are entrepreneurs. If the business finance is a mess, it trickles into our personal finances. Financial coaching works with entrepreneurs on their mindset around money and dives into habits and tools to help you create financial goals and take the steps towards achieving those. Click the image above to schedule a discovery call to see if it might be a fit for you.  

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Lite CFO Time

Are you in need of cleaning up your business finances? Have an investor meeting coming up? Need to apply for a loan but can't because you don't have books in order to present to the lender? 

Our Lite Virtual CFO service can help you get your finances in order and create financial reports. We can also help you set up financial systems that will work long-term and even help you identify a bookkeeper and/or accountant that will be a good fit for your ongoing needs. Click the image above to schedule a call to see if this is a good fit for you. 

Speaking and Workshops

If you lead a team of entrepreneurs and would love to offer them training to help manage their finances better, I have several ready-to-go training options for this purpose or if you have a topic in mind, we can talk through that. 


These are offered online or in-person (location dependent) and can range from 20-minute topics to full-day seminars. 

Let me help you build a financially sound team! 

Click the image above to schedule a call to see if this is a good fit. 

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Challenge Groups

Our next challenge kicks of in January!

In just 4 weeks, with only a couple of hours a week, you will be able to not only get prepared for 2022 tax time, but also create systems that will support you in continuing to stay organized with your business finances. 

During this challenge you will:
-Understand the various ways of organizing and identify what will serve you best
-Identify what documents you need to have and what ones you don't
-Understand how to keep up with your finances so that you can simplify tax time for years to come

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