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Financial Tools for the Entreprenuer

Managing finances can be a bit overwhelming. 

Income and expenses, debt and assets, credit cards and loans. 

Finding tools that helped me not only understand but also to manage aspects

of my finances was a game-changer. 

So in true Mandy fashion, here they are to be shared with you. 

Most of these are able to be downloaded for free, but please know, that there are some that will require a small investment from you in order to gain access to them. 

Entrepreneur Finance Tools

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Base Price Action Template

As an entrepreneur, pricing for your goods or services properly is crucial. It impacts your business and personal finances. 

This free worksheet helps you determine a base price for your offerings. 

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Business Budget Spreadsheet

Creating a budget for your business is crucial if you want to have intentional profits and a paycheck for yourself. This spreadsheet will help you identify and map out what you want your business to look like, and then how to get it there. 

Financially Focused Journal 2

Financially Focused Journal

2nd Edition

Financially Focused, a 12-Week Journal, is designed to help you turn your finances around by identifying the money flowing in and out of your business, tracking expenses with clear budget goals, and building your confidence that, not only can you afford to pay yourself, but that you deserve to be first in line!

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Financial Trends Tracker

As an entrepreneur, being able to see, in black and white, the trends of your business can help you to determine when and what to launch, when to ramp up marketing efforts, and make many other financial decisions for your business. 

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Entrepreneurs Tax Write-Offs Checklist

Enter your email below to download your free checklist to help keep you organized in your business so tax season is a little less scary! 

Click here to download

Break Even Calculaor Image

Break Even Calculator

Knowing your business's break-even point is crucial if you want to be intentional about profiting. This simple tool can help you know exactly how many widgets (products or humans) you need to sell in order to break even

Profit + Loss Template

Profit and Loss Template 

Sometimes, using an accounting software is not what you need, but you still need to track your income and expenses. This template can be purchased, preformulated to calculate and ready to use, to help you master your numbers in business. 

General Finance Tools

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What are the Best Credit Cards?

Not all credit cards are created equal. Some just charge you interest, while others may give you the benefit of cashback or rewards. 

If you are going to use credit cards, using one that offers cashback, travel perks, or any sort of benefit back to you is better than just standard cards any day. 

Click the button below to see the best credit cards that are out there so you can compare and make a choice that fits your lifestyle. 

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

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Financial Calculators

In life and business, there are times where you just really want to know what a purchase is going to look like. 

Maybe you are buying a new car or looking at buying a house, whatever the case, financial calculators can help you to get an idea of what to expect before talking to a professional. 

The button below will take you to an abundance of different calculators for various situations. 

Happy calculating! 

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