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Business Finance Bootcamp




12 Weeks

About the Course

Business Finance Bootcamp was created to help entrepreneurs start to take control of their finances and truly gain an understanding and basic knowledge of the most essential financial aspects of running a business.

Whether you are just starting out and feeling overwhelmed by all the finance things or you have been at this for awhile but just don’t grasp the financial concepts the way they may have been explained by your accountant or bookkeeper, this course will help.

This course covers 6 topics that will enable you to step into the CFO role in your business, alleviate the stress that comes with finance, and create a foundation for your business that will help you succeed for years to come.

Each topic is covered over a 2 week period. Every other week starting with the first week, there is a training video provided and then there are weekly accountability and Q&A calls. This allows you to learn and then implement. (Because just learning gets us nowhere without implementation.)

We start by identifying your money personality and and any blocks you may have with your money mindset that are holding you back. During the first two weeks, every enrollee will schedule a 30-minute session to understand your money personality and how it might be showing up and possibly holding you back in your business and life.

Then we work on creating some solid CFO habits so you can start to really spend some time with your finance and get to know your numbers. These habits I teach are the exact habits I used to pull my business out of near bankruptcy and 6-figures of debt and I still use them today. You are provided with a copy of Mandy’s Financially Focused Journal which walks you through these steps for the entire 12-weeks we work together in this Bootcamp.

Expense management to identify where, why and how much you are spending is our third session. This session often helps entrepreneurs identify where they are spending money that is not benefiting them and puts cash back in their pocket right away.

You didn’t think I would offer a finance course without covering budgets did you? During the fourth section of this course, we work through creating a business budget that maps out exactly how we reach our business financial goals.

Pricing is our fifth section where we really dive into those money personalities and how they may be keeping you playing small by not charging what your services are truly worth, but also not enough to be profitable.

Our sixth and final section of this Bootcamp is all about the reports. Having them, reading them and understanding exactly what the heck they mean for your business.

Your Instructor

Mandy McGowan

Mandy McGowan
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